Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fashioning The Yankees.

The victorious Yanks from today's Times.

I've always heard the same thing from the men in my life when I've asked, "How come you are so obsessed with baseball?" They inevitably say to me, "Well, it's like you and fashion. I will never be obsessed with that, but you are. That's just the way it is." A little research has shown that not every Yankees fan is not obsessed with fashion. In fact, put pinstripes on a uniform, and some of the boys go gaga for it. I've found many devoted sites cataloging the uniform changes over the team's tenure, right down to the number of pinstripes on the legendary Bambino's shirt.

An authentic facsimile of the team's 1988 batting practice jacket.

Die hard fans of the Bronx Bombers (and today who isn't?) can get authentic reproductions of the team's past wears. Want a copy of Joe DiMaggio's jersey from 1938? Or, a reproduction of a Yank's road jersey from 1918? Look no further than Mitchell and Ness of (beat down, sad today) Philadelphia. They specialize in historically accurate copies of The 2009 World Series Champion's uniforms from every era past and present.

Mickey Mantle circa 1951, and the reproduction of his jersey that can be yours.

An authentic copy of a wool team jacket from 1927.

So, now I know that I'm not the only person with my eye on the uniforms during the games. I don't know if we should attribute that to my fashion-o-philia though, they really do make those boys' butts look good. I'm just saying...

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