Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Little Girls Lost Together.

Lolita is a style of dress with roots in the Victorian era and Japan's notorious Harajuku District. With frilly dresses, pigtail ringlets, parasols, bows and underskirts, the girls of Lolita are enacting a femininity that many see as sexualized kids stuff, but they swear it's not a matter of kink. Rather it's their form of self expression. Learn more about this subculture in this excellent student documentary made and presented by four University of Chicago film students.

I'm so interested in how the internet has allowed all of these subcultures to have a level of connectivity that never would have been possible before. It's also exposing us to so much non-conformist style that you have to wonder what will really be out of the loop in the future. I foresee radical separatists living with no technology in small communities in hills and valleys. Hmmm, I wonder what they'll wear...

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Bella Blue said...

i went to harijuku last year. there were so many people wearing lolita style clothing. also all over tokyo disneyland. it was slightly intense. like you stood out if you didn't wear something similar!


isabella blue.