Saturday, November 07, 2009

Oh Make Me Over: She's Out Of Control

There is nothing quite like the cinematic trope of the high-speed '80s/early '90s makeover. The sheer dizziness of the quick change from bespectacled, orthadontured, frizzy-haired, awkward teen to beauty queen with eyeliner is one of the most nostalgically pleasing reminders of movies past. There are so many scenes of transformation, so many examples of this fantasy in film, that I'm dedicating a new feature to the subject. No matter that the whole construct reinforced every sorry idea I ever learned about what would solve my bad self-image (A new dress? A manicure? No, no, no, I know--a perm and braces!) a good makeover is still some of the most fun to be had as a film watcher.

First up? A classic, yet surprisingly under-acknowledged member of the makeover sequence club; the five minutes of film in which Tony Danza goes from being The Boss of a dorky girl to the terrified protector of a hot, young thing from 1989's She's Out of Control. Watch below as Katie Simpson (Ami Dolenz) gets all polished up and done over.

I love that the realities of her braces are foregone so that she can get a date. Screw the thousands! This girl needs to look good in her hot pink lipstick! Love it. So much.

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