Friday, November 13, 2009

This Explains Soooooo Much.

Kirsten, who I now want to hug. Hard. Bear style.

Full disclosure: #1) I cannot verify the authenticity of this video you are about to see, but based on the trademark blond mane and the dimples, I'm thinking this is actually for real. #2) This has nothing to do with fashion, but I couldn't help sharing it with you. #3) This explains everything about Kirsten Dunst.

Kiki's fashion moments: with Kaiser Karl and in a Prada ad.

So, in this supposedly real video you are about to see, a 12 year old Kirsten is pre-prepped for an interview by her parents and their crazy is on full display. There is no way to even explain the crazy, it's just turned up to full blast in the weirdest way. A particularly painful moment? When her mother says, "Don't screw this up!" and then says "Do you want to go back to print ads? I have a certain type of lifestyle to maintain...I am not going back to the way it was!" There's something scripted sounding about this, but half of me thinks it's real. What do you think?

If it is real, I have to say that I apologize deeply for judging Kiki so harshly in the past. If my parents were like that I'd be a rehabbed, slightly bitchy interview too. People should have to be approved for child rearing licenses. This is capital C crazy.


me melodia said...

hmmmm.. something smells fishy here.

Anonymous said...

This is not real.