Thursday, April 02, 2009

Cheap Thrill: Map? Scarf? Both.

When I was a little girl I would dress up to cross the bridge or tunnel from Jersey to New York City. I had to look my best for it, and every single time I emerged from the darkness of a tunnel or descended from the heights of a bridge and came into this amazing city I would get goosebumps. I've loved this concrete jungle circus and all of it's wild craziness my whole life. Maps of the city make me happy, I can get lost in them forever, watching the lines of the blocks intersect and the downtown streets crisscross something crazy. That's why I'm a lovin' the New York handkerchief I found at Muji the other day. It's a map for my neck, or my head, or my pocket. I can look at it all the time. I can consult it when I feel lost or sad. It's $10. It's great.

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