Friday, April 24, 2009

Beautiful Justice

Maira Kalman's wonderful op-ed piece in today's New York Times narrates her trip to D.C. to learn a little something about the laws of our land. In classic Kalman fashion, the illustrated column takes a pretty, pretty path through courtrooms and cherry blossom-lined sidewalks and private conversations with public figures. Following Maira's mind from thought to pleasing thought is always a joy for this fashionista as her eye inevitably rests on some gorgeous dress, or a dapper suit, or a festive hat.

Kalman makes mention of Ruth Bader Ginsburg supplanting Jane Austen as her imaginary Best Friend Forever after their inspiring talk. Well, as long as Ms. Kalman and Diana Vreeland can get along I'm inviting her to join my imaginary Best Friend Forever club. I can't kick Diana out, she's too dear to me. Besides, I think Kalman and Vreeland would get along just fine and have much to discuss. They are both women who appreciate boldness, encourage confidence, and like a pink dress.

You can read my co-imaginary Best Friend Forever's whole delightful piece here.

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