Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boobs on a Tee.

It fascinates me that the sight of bare breasts is still so incendiary in our culture. Men have nipples and they show them. Women have nipples and they can't show them without being summoned to court. In New York you can get 15 days in jail for showing your unclothed "private or intimate parts" and for those of us with the double XX chromosome, those parts include "that portion of the breast which is below the top of the areola". Now, I don't care to show my own personal areolae in public (or necessarily to see a lot of public displays of others' aerolae), but the feminist in me fully defends a female's right to show her no-no parts if she wants to, just like any shirtless basketball-in-the-park-playing dude. Equal rights, baby. For now, rather than risking slammer time, I suggest pushing the system's buttons with t-shirts of naked boobs. Here's a few I'm fond of:

Radical anatomy + goofy tees = civilly disobedient fun. Try it! Click a pic to get yourself a boob shirt. Do it! Ok, ok. I'll settle down now.

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