Thursday, April 30, 2009

More is Less.

This is a snap I took of a manifesto posted in a shop window in Soho. It encourages you to shop with your heart, and use your dollars to show support for local stores who need your help more now than ever. It is so strange to walk around an area as previously money rich as Soho, and see signs of store closures and blow out sales everywhere. New York is a city of independents and the shops that are run on a vision and the hard work of a few individuals, rather than the giant machinated chain shops are the real bones of this city's identity. Put your money where your love is and buy from local stores as much as you can. They need it. Check out this recent Time Out New York article for some indie shopping guidance:

Down with TopShop! Well, ok, not really but give the little guys a chance before you saunter into the behemoth megaretailer. Your blood pressure will thank you.

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