Friday, April 03, 2009

Top Of The Drops.

Yesterday I braved the beautiful sunshine to get a look at Topshop New York. I had every intention of going in, but the drop of the store was unbelievably successful and the queue (yes, the queue) was around the block and then some. Here's The Budget Babe's footage of the loooooong line.

A video of the line lasts 1:52, that's a long friggin' line. Despite the gorgeous line-waiting weather, I opted out of the mayhem and just poked my nose around the windows and the crowds instead.

My favorite part of the opening was actually the great tote bags that Topshop had handed out to potential shoppers in the days leading up to the event.

Each tote came with a gift card worth anywhere from $5 to $500, brilliant move because most of the people who were waiting on line said they were there to redeem the only-valid-yesterday cards. It made the event quite the scene. Well, that and tell any fashionista worth her fake hipster glasses that Kate Moss is in a ten mile radius and she'll be there. It's a given. It's a rule.

Here's a fascinating discussion about the difference between what Americans expect from their Topshop and what the British want. Apparently we need bigger dressing rooms. Not because we are bigger (yeah right!) but because we expect more space.

I'm so happy that I live here and can go at eleven AM on a Tuesday. I'll have a full report when I can shop sans stampede and overcrowding. It'll be much more thorough and less anxiety filled. Cheerio kiddies.

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