Friday, April 03, 2009

You Can Go Home Again.

Model Alek Wek has one of the most striking faces in the fashion business. Her distinct looks are courtesy of her Sudanese heritage. She was born a member of the Dinka tribe and fled her homeland in 1991 after war and violence tore it apart. Her discovery at an outdoor market in London in 1995 led to her to a world class modeling career and kept her from returning home for nearly 13 years. In 2008 she and her mother, who also has not been home since they fled, returned to visit family and re-see the past with BBC cameras in tow. It is amazing to watch Alek travel streets she hasn't been down since she was four, and visit the home she was born in. Also amazing are the stark differences and immense similarities between her tribal heritage and her Western life. It's all about love. Family and love.

The entire BBC piece is quite phenomenal. Click any of the screen caps above to watch video footage. In stark contrast, here is a clip of Alek doing her day job with the late great Yves Saint Laurent.

From Sudan to Saint Laurent. Fashion is a bizarre industry. Fascinating.

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