Thursday, April 30, 2009

Change Clothes, Tell a New Story.

I love the TED talk series, which brings you a few new minutes each day with a different luminary in the areas of technology, entertainment, and design. Sarah Jones was today's TED talker and watching her slip through identities with the change of a scarf and the addition or subtraction of a pair of glasses reminded me so whole-heartedly exactly what it is I love about fashion. It's the roles, it's the parts we play through how we dress. It's what people can tell just by looking at us, and how easily those prejudices can be proven false and mutable. With her eight-in-one woman performance, Ms. Jones shows just how much we can play within the fence of our appearance. She is so talented. Watch her go:

Her opening character is a spot-on Bubbie Yanofsky. I mean I feel like I just took a teleportation round trip to Florida. Although, Bubbie would have told a few more dirty jokes. Par example, "What does a horny frog say? Rub-it, rub-it." She loves that one, and she would love Sarah Jones just as much. Ok, maybe more.

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