Monday, April 27, 2009

Master Class with John Galliano

Here's a rare chance to hang out with Mr. John Galliano for a little private tour of some of the highlights of the Dior archive. The dresses come both from Mr. Dior's own, historic work and Galliano's decade plus of diligent service to the house of Dior. They look almost as fab as John himself-- almost.

This video was actually made in 2006 to celebrate Galliano's ten year mark at the helm of the house. I can't wait to see the retrospective of the 15 year mark. His work is always fascinating and a little, dare I say, crazy. What a treat to hear him discuss it in private, and in his lilting, effete voice, no less! Thanks internets!

While we are on the subject of John Galliano, I need to fawn over his unbelievable collection of exit photos. His final wave and walk outfits at his shows are immensely enjoyable. Here's just a few:

A rapier, a space suit, some payos, a rake? Loves it.

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