Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Like Wood.

Remember in school when you were forced to take Wood Shop? At least at Brooklawn Middle School it was part of the core curriculum, right after your quarter of Metals and before your time burning lasagna in Home Ec. God forbid anyone leave their tween years without knowing how to use a sanderbelt or a miter saw. Well, honestly I don't even know if those are real items or tools or whatever. I was more concerned with the massive amount of saw dust I was breathing in and avoiding chopping my fingers off like Mr. Brennan said I would if I didn't pay attention to him, which I never did. I did survive with fingers, which is lucky for me because now I can rock the friggin' awesome tree-based, multi-finger rings of the Wood Shop all stars over at Good Wood. They definitely paid attention in Shop Class. Check out their Good goods:

Multi-finger rings not quite your style? How about an engraved necklace with a Biggie charm, an old-school celly, or a fat cat?

Good Wood, indeed.

Check out the post about Good Wood over at Thrillist and then thank my friend Jenny for the tip off. She's the awesome girl with the cute hair. No, not that one...that one!

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