Monday, April 20, 2009

Go To Sleep, Pretty Baby.

Before people carried the Internet in their pockets, back in 2000 when it was still a newish medium just settling into the everyday lives of everyday folks, fashion genius photographer art mind Nick Knight co-founded SHOWstudio. It's a creative think tank of sorts where virtual media plays all nicey-nice with that immortal Siamese twin art/fashion. The projects that SHOWstudio conceives of and produces endeavor to showcase the creative process from start to finish, and their efforts have consistently pushed boundaries and raised quality standards throughout the site's years-long existence. One of the first major projects Knight and his team produced fully capitalized on the global connectivity and voyeuristic nature of the Internet. They invited nine top models to a hotel in London and primped and prepped them just as they would for any photoshoot--then they got them into bed. No, nothing untoward happened, in fact something beautiful happened.

As viewers logged on to watch the girls slumber via webcams in real time, the models slept a night's sleep in giant hotel beds. In their states of tossing slumber their hair came loose and their makeup smudged and their dresses twisted and tightened and their sheets wrinkled around them. The models' dishevelment became poetic images and time lapse films of women unraveling for all to see. The project produced both gorgeous moments in real time, and beautiful final images of silent moments stilled for good.

Check out the full project here. I am the biggest SHOWstudio fan and encourage you all to peek in on them and their genius regularly. They innovate, pioneer, and entertain with pretty playfulness. It's really something to witness.

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