Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Common Goods: Square Dancing

Sometime in 1940 a group of McIntosh County, Oklahoman folks got together to do-si-do and swing their partners. They sweated through their beautifully simple, hand-sewn cotton shirts and dresses, and dampened the brown butcher paper tacked to the walls of the room for insulation. Their orchestra was a two-person band, just a guitar and a fiddle. Their faces were glistening with sweat and they were having a devil-may-care kind of a time. Here, look at them:

Amazing, right? So simply gorgeous. If all of your worldly possessions disappeared tomorrow, you could still get together with a group of people and dance until the world felt frantically full and rhythmically joyous for at least a few hours. Keep that in mind when the fear of $ comes a'calling.

I highly recommend exploring The Commons. There are gems there.

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Rahul said...

I love your Commons posts.