Friday, October 31, 2008

Safety First Kids!

We interrupt this fashion blog for a message about Halloween Safety from Sherry the Busdriver:

(*Sherry sends her regrets that she had to be sideways. She doesn't know how that happened.)

Rosemarie, this is all for you.


Rahul said...

Oh my God - amazing! Stay away from those Skittles, though.

La Cindy said...

Anna! You sound just like my aunt from East Texas. Holy shit. Wanna come home for Xmas?

jewelpottery said...

Damn honey,

Those southern real-ations of yours are havin a personal eefect on ya all over!!1= JP

RIta said...

ANNA! you're amazing. I love Sherry.

Rosemarie said...

OMG, why aren't you on SNL? What's hilarious is that because it was sideways it look me a good 15 seconds to realize it was you and not in fact every bus driver we grew up with. I'm never eating Skittles again!
Love you