Friday, October 10, 2008


Good news people, my Bubbie and Zayde are Obama supporters. In fact as a testament to how incredible they are, I didn't even have to do any campaigning here in Florida. One mention of Sarah Palin got them all riled up. "Anna, do you think your Bubbie is a stupid lady? I'm not voting for that meshugana." Ah, faith restored. Turns out most of their friends in the lovely active adult condo community of Huntington Lakes are also voting Obama. Either lots of devoted grandkids have made Sarah Silverman's proposed pilgrimage, or I'm forgetting how many cool New York grandparent transplants there are in Florida. Either way, I'm feeling much better about the state of this state.

I've been wondering if it is insensitive to continue to blog about all things fashion when the globe is spiraling on its financial axis. After some thinking I arrived at a simple conclusion: It makes me so happy! And, hopefully it makes you happy as well. So, while the storm rages on wall street, at least we will both have a little distracting eye candy to get us through the stress. Plus, I am a thrifty son-of-a-gun who believes wholeheartedly that style doesn't have to cost money. All you need is an eye and a creative mind (and maybe some scissors, thread, a needle, fabric paint, buttons...). Stick with me and we'll look really good on the bread lines.

I'm still in Florida so posting may be spotty. I have to do my granddaughterly duty and sit by the pool with the seniors getting grilled on my personal life, but I'm here and typing. Believe me it's a great distraction from hearing about Estelle's gallbladder. Apparently when you reach a certain age, no topic is too personal for general discussion. Fashion saves the day again!

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