Thursday, October 23, 2008

DIY: Punk Those Kicks!

Oooooh I stumbled upon a goodie!

I've known a few punks in my life, and I promise that beneath those spikes and mohawks there's nothing but mush. Maybe they won't show it to you right away (read: don't go up to any random punker and offer them a big hug), but get to know them and they will soon be sharing their best kept secrets about the fine art of bedazzling and hairdos involving gelatin. Ok, if you're too intimidated to befriend a punk of your own, head on over to the site Everyday Hardcore. There the host will play a safety pin obsessed Marth Stewart and let you in on all you need to know about living hardcore.

What inspired this find? I spotted these tricked out Converse over at the Free People website:

and I knew I could beat the $168.00 price tag and have some DIY fun. But, it's been a long time since I bedazzled anything. When I did glitz up my jean jacket back in the 4th grade I remember it being harder than I had expected. In an effort to locate some studding directions, I found this:

With Adam's help you'll learn everything you need to punk your kicks. Pick up a plain pair of Classic Chuck Taylor All Stars over at for $44.99, order a bag or two of studs from, locate an old dart, and get going. For round abouts $60.00 you'll have a toughened up pair of sneaks that scream "I'm down with the badasses!" and you'll make mushy punk friends in no time. Just don't be offended when they call you a poser from across the street at first; remember, it's a warming up process.

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