Monday, October 20, 2008

Make Like A Ginkgo and Leaf

My absolute favorite thing about fall in New York is the way the crisp air moves in and erases all of the stanky smells of humid city summers. My second favorite thing is the golden rain of leaves that fall from the ginkgo trees on the streets of Soho. This happens to be ironic because apparently ginkgo tree fruits emit the odor of vomit when they ripen. Lovely, I know. But, I've never noticed so I'll continue to enjoy the floating gold foliage of one of the oldest, heartiest trees Mother Nature has to offer. Ginkgos were among the only plant species to survive after the bomb blast at Hiroshima, which makes the pendant above my newly desired good luck charm for these apocalyptic seeming times.

Let's you and me start a bidding war for it over on ebay. Winner takes all, including Windorphins.


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