Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Hate to Say I Told Ya' So

It turns out my crystal ball was crystal clear. Here come the looped scarves. No beginnings here, no ends, just warmth. I'm warning you that it could be a hard look to carry off. As my friend Blaire so astutely noted, the likelihood of looking like a miscast Star Wars extra could be alarmingly high. But, you only live once. If you've always dreamed of rocking a snood (scarf/hood) or "eternity scarf" as I strangely have, by all means take this opportunity to snuggle up and shine.

You can find the endless knits above at Urban Outfitters.

1 comment:

Christiana said...

This could be a fun, almost futuristic, accessory, but the models suck all the life out of it. I'd like to try it double wrapped.