Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spendy Sarah

Today's Style Section in the New York Times has two articles featuring Sexy Sarah's (follow the link and scroll down to the despicable, highbrow spot) spending habits. She's spent no less than $49,425 at Saks Fifth Avenue alone, which firmly proves that you cannot buy style. Just look at that MILF-Goes-to-the-Whitehouse spiked heel boots and tight red suit combo above. Now, I can see the position of claiming sexism when her wardrobe is scrutinized and the suits typically sported by male candidates for office can set them back a few grand, but I think the media is reveling in the opportunity to poke holes in her average American Hockey Mom persona.

The average American's 7 year old daughter named Piper doesn't carry around a Louis Vuitton bag allegedly paid for by the RNC. It's only speculation, but I'm just saying...

Here's some shots of a pre-spree Palin looking like her average Mom self:

Can I run for office? Apparently it works wonders for your wardrobe.

I hear some of you raising your ridiculous meters from here, but if she were qualified, or at least a capable candidate, no one would be focusing solely on what she's got in her closet. Especially not me. Well, maybe just once in a while.

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