Friday, October 03, 2008

Calling All Mavericks!

I have to take a quick time out from the fashion talk to say that the conflation of intelligence and elitism that is rampantly taking hold in the mainstream mindset this election season, is utterly disheartening. Education, training, preparedness, eloquence, and dignity are good things. Bush's cowboy rhetoric has dug this country into such a deep hole that the ground above is now caving in on us. Hockey Mom folksiness, as charming and endearing as some might find it, will bury us. The rest of the world, who already view us with humiliating disdain, will not forgive our ignorance this time around. We will be left here swimming in debt, way too vulnerable and lacking in resources. We need to restore some sense of our dignity, and our foreign relations.

You may not feel a fashion blog is the place for political commentary (and you may be right) but there will be no fun in fashion if no one has any money to buy it or any reason to get dressed up. Well, I mean I'll still be giving impromptu fashion shows in my apartment, but seriously we need some stability, culture, and intelligence back in this beautiful country. Save America, save fashion. Vote.

Now back to the catwalk...

Image: Three Flags, 1958, Jasper Johns (American, born 1930)

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