Sunday, October 05, 2008

Karl's Got a Brand New Bag

When times get tough, only the clever will survive. Everyone in fashion knows that accessories are where the cash is, and most literally the cash is in the handbags. Runaway bags have been runway to retail deal makers for the past few seasons, replacing the must have dress with the must have tote. While the saturation of the IT bag has begun to push the hype into the over territory, there are still plenty of pretty young (and old) things that will pay a gorgeous penny for a great bag. Leave it to Karl Lagerfeld to reinvent the Chanel bag with enough newness to stir want in the hearts of many. Karl turned the classic bags on their sides, hanging the quilted sacs vertically from their signature chains. He also crafted copies of the Chanel retail shopping bags in leather. This way you can postpone your buyer's remorse indefinitely, ever tricking yourself into believing your purchase is fresh from the store. Clever, clever Karl.

And if I had a king's ransom to drop on a bag of my choice, I think I'd go with the quilted Chanel guitar bag. Now, I don't play guitar but I could pretend to, and it would certainly fit everything I could possibly ever think to bring anywhere. I guarantee you see someone pick this to be their purse of the season.

I'd rock that rockin' bag.

Images: Matteo Volta for

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