Friday, October 10, 2008

Thigh's the Limit

Riccardo Tisci is a leg man.

The thigh-high boots he sent stalking down the runway at his Givenchy show are an old school kick back to the days of Pretty Woman. Remember when everybody's favorite hooker with a heart of gold, Vivan Ward, rocked the pleather out of a pair of sky-high hiker-uppers?

I for one am all for this look, somehow it's all freshened up. As is always the case, everything old is new again. Now, these aren't so practical for a cold winter state like New York; but 'til the snow falls, let the boots rise!


Kirk said...

Sorry, but those thigh boots and the look are nothing like "Pretty Woman" any more than a woman on the French Riveria in a bikini is the same look as the women at the Playboy mansion. In fashion, it is the fine details and subtleties that make the difference between couture style and trashy.
For one thing, lets start with fabric. Julie Roberts thigh boots are made of cheap vinal vs. leather from the Givenchy boots. The colors are dark and earthy in the Givenchy look compared to the crass clash of the Julia Robers picture. Also, notice the fit. Julia Robert's boots look loose at the top and look to be poorly made. But the Givency boots are more form-fitting and elegant.

Comparing these two as a similar look is like comparing a dress from Walmart vs. Barney's New York. Sure, they would both be dresses, but seriously, there is no common ground other than that. Givenchy's looks is outstanding. It is classy and sexy at the same time. It's got a sense of power to it where Julie Robert's look has more of a clownish feel. When you see a woman in the Givenchy look walking toward you in the room, it would have an electrifying appeal because the woman looks super intelligent, accessible, and dominant at the same time.

Anyway, thanks for sharing the Givenchy photos! Good stuff.

Anna Yanofsky said...

Point well taken. I agree that the comparison is a bit far-reaching, and obviously the quality of the two pairs of boots are polar opposites. But, Julia owns that boot length in the pop culture arena and it's the first thing I thought of when I saw the thigh high Givenchy pair. Well, that and Donna Martin's outfit for her trip to the underground club with Emily Valentine on 90210. I love taking high fashion and connecting it to pop culture, it's like couture trivial pursuit.

Thanks for reading and keeping me on my toes...