Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cheap Thrill: Coat Du Jour

Baby, it's cold outside but not quite freezing. Money is precious, but I still find the need for a transitional fall to winter jacket unavoidable. Before I bust out the heavy duty winter wear, a lighter option will keep me from sweating through the lingering midday sunshine. I've got my eye on a few styles that won't cost me more than a Grant. Here they are:

Forever 21, Jeanie Coat with Optional Hood, $44.80

Target, Mossi Birdsete Jacket, $49.99

Target, Xhilaration Sherpa Jacket in Brown, $39.99

BITTEN, Twill Trench Coat in Desert Sand, $8.95 (How the ef they do that, I have no idea.)

*Editor's Note: I'm ethically divided on the issue of cheap clothing. I know that low prices can usually be tracked back to poor manufacturing practices, and even lead to more waste through the phenomenon of disposable clothing. However, I've worked on the wholesale and manufacturing side of this business and the $400 coat from that upscale store is usually produced in the same factory and in the same room as the $39.99 one. Also, I've spent a lot of green on "investment pieces" only to have the buttons fall off. So, get informed and shop carefully. Use your judgment and discretion. Also, buy things that you love, things that appeal to you aesthetically--then you'll have them as long as they last.

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