Monday, October 13, 2008

Let's Wrap It Up: Get Waisted!

Fashion Month has made its transition into the memory banks, so it's time to wrap the Spring/Summer '09 season in pretty, trendy paper and re-gift it to you. I'm going to give you all the important highlights and let you in on some DIY methods to bring them into your closet. Times are tough so we need to get a little crafty folks.

Let's start at the waist. The waist is actually a very democratic fashion zone. Everyone has a waist. Yours might be higher, lower, thicker, or thinner than your neighbors', but you've got one. And, the waist is the narrowest part of most (I said most) female figures. As long as you're hitting the right spot, cinching a garment at the waist can produce some of the most flattering looks around. The runways this season featured everything from paper bag waists to obis, and from multiplied belts to simple ties.

Ralph Lauren layers and loops a canteen (just in case) over leather belts.

Marc by Marc Jacobs learns to multiply.

Louis Vuitton ties one on.

Chloe paper bags it.

Belts are often a cheap thrift store find. I scooped up a pile of seven for which I paid next to nil at my favorite Housing Works thrift shop on 17th street.

Try your obi belt luck on ebay.

If you're feeling especially crafty, give the paper bag waist a try with an old, too-big skirt you've fished out of your own closet. Let Morgan Hungerford from Panda Head show you how in this Threadbanger episode:

Congrats, you've now earned your black belt in belts!


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