Friday, October 17, 2008

Cheap Thrill: Fantastic Flats

I don't care how many fancy, towering, foot fetish inducing pairs of heels there are on the runways right now; I am a flats girl. Now, I'm not talking the crunchy, granola flats of the aged hippie set. I may keep it comfy, but I refuse to cut out the cute (which also disqualifies any archaic assumptions about my predilection for "comfortable shoes"). So, when I find flats that fit the profile of fashion forward and wallet friendly, I get excited. Here's a few pairs that get me going:

They are all courtesy of the super-fun and thrifty website The shoes are each $28 and the slouchy suede boots are $38. Quite reasonable, even by my cheapskate standards. Click a pair for more details.

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