Thursday, November 13, 2008

All Marc-ed Up

It seems Mr. Marc Jacobs has a bit of a twisted Peter Pan complex going on. I had no idea he was so inked up, and with cartoon characters of all things. He has 28 tats in all, including a Sponge Bob, a Simpson's caricature of himself, Cartman's stuffed South Park buddies, M&M characters, and colorful stars. I guess he balances the kids' stuff out with the "Shameless" scripted over his heart and the "Bros Before Hos" on his wrist.

These photos were recently taken by Terry Richardson for a portfolio of Jacobs' tattoo artist Scott Campbell's colorful clients. But, as Fashionolgie pointed out in an October post photos from just a year ago show Marc with a lot less ink.

So that's about 27 tattoos in a year. That's a lot of time under the buzzing needle. He must have Campbell on speed dial. Or maybe they have a standing bi-weekly date to watch the Saturday morning cartoons and ink another one.

I happen to love tattoos--well, most tattoos. I guess even the bad ones are worth their ink in laughter. But, 27 mostly cartoon-oriented pieces (and one random couch above his hip) in a year seems a tad OCD. I just hope he doesn't creep above the collar bone. Neck and face tattoos are a whole other world. I'm sure his fashionista friends would stage an intervention before he got too carried away.

Who started this inky craziness? I think it's safe to point the finger at Marc's former 25-year-old flame Jason Preston who had a penchant for ink on a pin and a questionable understanding of the word "permanent".

That is very unfortunate. I wonder if he's put a thick black line through it yet. And, as an aside, check out pre-fab Marc. There's a hottie with a body (and a future tattoo junkie) hiding out behind those geek chic glasses.

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