Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Scoop: Michelle Hearts Narciso

Apparently my early morning started just early enough to miss the wave of stories about OUR NEW FIRST LADY!!!! (wow, I'm still really excited about that) and her election night dress choice. Turns out Michelle chose a Narciso Rodriguez piece from his Spring 2009 show.

Images: (l tor) Charlotte, Marcio Madeira for

It is always interesting to watch a dress go from runway to reality. I love that Obama classed up the piece with a lining, a new neckline, and a cardigan. It is a testament to her incredible sense of style that she was able to foresee the sophisticated and family-oriented possibilities in such a sexy little number. She's a real sartorial talent. It thrills me to no end that she will be moving into the White House with a closet full of high-low fashion hits, and taste to spare.

It also thrills me to know that someone has had the foresight to dedicate an entire website to Mrs. Obama's wardrobe. Introducing Mrs. O, the web's greatest (and possibly only) singularly dedicated Michelle Obama fashion site.

I've already bookmarked it! I know it seems trivial to some, possibly not you dedicated IWTWI readers, but I am so amazed that we have a NEW FIRST LADY!!!!!! (still does it for me) that has oodles of grace, style, design sense, and class. Her wardrobe choices show her smart grasp of what works. It is a joy to watch. Four years of this? Yippee! Fashionistas rejoice!

Today the site features an excellent profile of Mrs. Obama from this morning's Today Show.

Michelle, my belle.

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