Sunday, November 23, 2008

You Know You Rock When...

You know why I love M.I.A.? Well, there are many reasons, but for today I love her because she can sport anything--even a big ol' baby belly--like it's the thing to rock. I mean I almost want a bump of my own as an outfit accessory after seeing her in this photo. Ok, ok, not really. Almost.

The other reason I'm loving on her today? The above photo of Ms. M.I.A. with the boys from MGMT is from GQ's Men of the Year issue which hits newsstands today. She's obviously not a man. That's how cool she is. She defies gender. She is the man.

Need more convincing? This'll do it:

I apologize that you had to watch that crazy man/child in the glittery golden hat, but M.I.A. teaching kids to dance is worth it.

Image: Mark Seliger for GQ

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