Friday, November 21, 2008

A Ray of Light

I've been pretty hard on Madonna here in my own little corner of the blogosphere recently but it's tough love, I swear. Madonna was my raison d'etre when I was a wee one and watching her morph into some anamatronic, ageless version of herself has been rough. That being said, I will never back down from the opportunity to give her a compliment. How gorgeous does she look in the photo above from the Gucci UNICEF Dinner the other night? Her hair! Her makeup! The return of her laugh lines and the deflation of her cheek bones! It's all so exciting.

And then I see the full length shot and...

"D'Oh!" is all that comes out of my mouth. What Jim Henson creature did she beat up to score that stunner? Something tells me Oscar the Grouch is in some strange state of muppet nakedness in a trash can on a corner somewhere. Wow. I think Louis Vuitton should be held liable for the emotional damages their dress has caused Madonna fans. Or her stylist should be called in for questioning. Someone needs to answer for this.

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