Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Closet Case: Anthea Gray

My friend Anthea is that rare combination of stunning, stylin', and completely sweet. Her smile's got serious wattage and if I had a dollar for ever time I saw her and said, "Oh my god! That is amazing! Where did you get that?" I'd be bailing out some large financial institutions right now. I'm so honored that she agreed to be my very first Closet Case.

The thing I've always admired about Anthea's style is its mix. She has a knack for combining an eclectic array of items in one outfit and still looking stunningly pulled together. And, she always looks very "Anthea." Her unique style is a result of not following fashion too closely. She rarely reads fashion magazines, avoiding the self consciousness that comes with staring at idealized images of beauty. Instead she trusts her instincts and gathers pieces that she loves, like collecting objects of art.

A collection of necklaces from (l to r) a vintage market in Japan, a Brooklyn thrift, and the Soho Flea Market, and an Hermes Cuff.

Her collection of accessories is impressive in it's international pedigree. Her family is full of former service men and her mother was a captain in the navy who collected bangles, bags, and belts from far away locales like Okinawa and Amsterdam that she's since handed down to her daughter.

A charming vintage golden snake ring and a pair of slick green flats from Sigerson Morrison.

A golden bird-clasped belt from Brooklyn's Epaulet and an obi style belt from Amsterdam.

Anthea's clothes are mostly scored a bit closer to home. A happy resident of Broolyn's Carroll Gardens neighborhood, Anthea makes full use of her local resources. She frequents the cool, indie stores on Smith Street and whatever she doesn't find near home she scoops up at flea markets, on travels, or in classic discount stores like Loehmann's. Her favorite splurge spot is Bloomingdales in Soho, but mostly she keeps her shopping trips cheap and infrequent.

It's all in the details: a ruffled collar on a purple shirt from Epaulet, a lace-up closure on a skirt from Philly.

A gorgeous embroidered coat by Tracey Reese Plenty.

Her biggest fashion tips? Number one: Hold on to what you've got. She's had many of the fresh looking pieces she sports for years, just tweaking how she wears them to make them look new. Number two: Be yourself. For Anthea, fashion is self-expression. She loves seeing kids who've obviously dressed themselves, with a crazy mix of patterns, textures, and colors. To her they look free, and aren't yet afraid to show the world who they are and what they like. Well, in that case Anthea's still a kid at heart. She's definitely not afraid to be her beautiful, unique self.

Even Anthea's super cute dog Dolce is well-dressed, check out her blingy collar.

Thanks Anthea (and Dolce!) for showing me your goods!


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