Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All Up In My Business Cards

Need business cards? Well this blogging fashionista did. I've officially placed an order for mini cards with British company MOO. According to their tag line they love to print, and they offer the coolest products. You can order a set of 100 business cards and make each image on the front different. That is a heavenly option in the world of printing things, with its standard minimum order rules. You can order mini business cards (half the size! all the fun!) or regular business cards, stickers, postcards, or notecards all printed with images and text of your choosing for very reasonable prices.

No, this isn't a MOO commercial. I just think they are the cows knees. And, I've been searching for an easy, pleasing solution to my business card dilemma for a while. Please forgive the effusive excitement. Peruse the fun MOOsite and let me know if I need to forgive your effusive excitement.

Here's a taste of some of the images I used on my new cards. They are the result of an evening of hunting for cool views in my own apartment with my beloved digicam. I love that my roommate didn't even bat an eye when I started photographing our refrigerator magnets.

So watch out world, here come IWTWI business cards.

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