Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gift It: Liner Note

I'm not a spluger. I'm a thrifty girl through and through. In fact, the only way I usually acquire spendy items is if I receive them as gifts. For instance, I would never think to drop $25 on an eyeliner. I would be searching the aisle of the drugstore for a cheapo alternative thinking, "Why would anyone spend $25 on a black pencil when you can get this one for a dollar?" I'll tell you why. The quarter-of-a-hundo black Waterproof Dior Crayon Eyeliner that I received as a gift a few years back went on so smooth and easy, and with such inky blackness that I couldn't believe my eyes (or how great they looked).

Now I love to give little luxuries as gifts. Here's the strategy: Indulge in small items with relatively higher ticket prices for a big impact, and love the smiles you get in return. As a side note, that glorious eye pencil lasted me a nice long time. It was the gift that just kept giving (thanks Tuhanny!).

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