Sunday, November 30, 2008

Drawn Together

Artist Marlene McCarty has been using the effect of transparent clothing in her billboard-sized pen and pencil drawings for years. Mostly the sheerness has been a way for her to explore the burgeoning, taboo sexuality of her young female subjects--all of whom are notorious criminals. McCarty rips their stories from newspapers and court records and turns them into disturbing works of art, marked by enticing, pretty-girl portraits accompanied by detailed textual accounts of the subjects' vile crimes. For their latest issue, V Magazine presents works commissioned by curator Dominic Sidhu that marry McCarty's transparent style with Rodarte's sheer, webbed, layered dresses. The resulting drawings of a pair of Rodarte-decked women becoming one with each other and their dresses are at once unnerving and beautiful.

View the series in the latest issue of V Magazine on stands now (with Sasha Fierce on the cover!), or check them out on V's site.

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