Saturday, November 29, 2008

How, She Does It

The term "stylist" gets tossed around so loosely these days that anyone with a credit card and working pair of eyes thinks they can fit the bill. However, true stylists are artists on par with creme de la creme designers and fashion photographers. They are the glue of a photoshoot, marrying the model and the clothes with the photog's vision to create perfect images. Jane How is an example of a super-stylist. Her work has bettered the pages of the best magazines in the business. She has a longstanding relationship with I-D and is the go-to-girl for many a top snapper. Here's a few examples of her work and why she keeps getting great gigs:

I can't even begin to imagine where one finds a giant lion-door-knocker-bra, or how you can go from creating color-crazed outfits with cartoon bathing suits and platforms, to the softest combo of Kate Moss and a flowered bed spread. I'd love to tag along and see How.

You can view a selection of Jane How's work, including all of the images above, at her agency Streeters London.

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