Sunday, November 16, 2008

Honey Bee Buzzin'

Lucinda Williams rocks my world. She is the type of older chick that makes me welcome another birthday. Her songs are usually filled to the brim with obsessive, almost painful desire. But they never lack that certain hint of sweetness or relief--the same thing that makes something like love so worth the torture. Songs like "Essence," "Are You Alright," "Joy," and "Can't Let Go" are gorgeous odes to love all laced with an edge. And, Lucinda's look is lace and edge too. The woman is 55 and looks better in a tank, jeans, and tattoo combo than most 20 year olds I know.

Williams' newest album Little Honey kicks up the rock factor on many of the tracks. "Honey Bee" is a raspy, throaty, funkified, stomper about a little honey bee who's sting Lucinda loves. It's impossible not to smile and shake your bee bonnet when it's on. Try it...

How'd it go?


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