Saturday, November 22, 2008

If You Like/Then You'll Love: Doll Charms

A while ago I went on a window shopping trip at spendy scenester spot Henri Bendel. This was as much an exercise in zen-like passive resistance as it was an education in pretty little expensive things. When I was there I was particularly struck by a line of charming doll charm necklaces by Servane Gaxotte. With movable body parts, tiny fabric outfits, and accessories of their own, the pretty pendants were quirky and completely covetable. Then I saw the price. I'm sure they are handcrafted lovingly and made of solid precious things, but at upwards of $300, they were not coming home with me unless I was gonna go all Winona on Bendels.

So, I left the store with that old adage of "it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all" ringing in my mind. Fast forward to today when I was perusing the lovely goods of online vintage (and vintage-like) purveyor Modcloth and found this:

It's a $15.99 facsimile of the Bendel's beauty. I know that intellectual property lawyers could have a field day with this one, and that the bargain-priced pendant is maybe a little less delicate, but I'm sold. Shopping lesson of the day? Resist and persist.

Whether you want the real deal or the steal, click the images above for more details.

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