Monday, November 03, 2008

Kitsch Corner: A Flamingo for All Seasons

I've been slightly obsessed with pink lawn flamingos my whole life. Jeez, sometimes I think I tell you readers too much! But, anyways I've always wanted them, and for whatever reason (usually guilt over the frivolity combined with cash flow issues and an insecurity about their high level of tackiness) I've never dove in and made the purchase. Now, seeing as how the leaves are changing and BBQ's are a smoky memory, I thought surely the time to pick up a pink one had passed. But look what I found, my friends:

That's right, a flamingo for all seasons! If I act now, I can still have it set up on my urban porch (aka fire escape) in a fetching pilgrim outfit just in time for Thanksgiving. My Floridian grandparents would be so proud.

Want to peruse an entire website dedicated to the sale of nothing but pink flamingo kitsch? Check out I wonder how they'll weather the recession...

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