Sunday, January 31, 2010

3 Minutes and 6 Seconds in Heaven.

This clip is as seductive as curling smoke; as gorgeous as Dietrich herself.

The wealth of the internet still amazes me. I sound ancient saying that, like the nearly 30-year-old that I am, but can you imagine how long you would have had to wait to see footage like this before? How the stars would have had to align? Perhaps a museum would have decided to do an exhibit on Le Dame Dietrich, perhaps they would have included this clip on a reel of her best scenes, perhaps the exhibit was traveling and came to your city, perhaps you could make it there. Or, maybe a television special would have aired about her, about this film. Maybe you would have caught this scene on the classic movie channel, or maybe you would have been lucky enough to live in NYC near The Museum of Television and Radio and you had a free afternoon to head on over and rent the clip. Then you would have had to know it existed, to know it by name, to write it down on paper and hand your slip over to the museum employee and wait your turn for a television and a set of headphones to free up. Now? Now, on a whim you type Marlene Dietrich into the search bar of Youtube and you click her tiny thumbnail pic and you watch this beautiful footage. Just like that. And then you watch it again. And then, you watch snippets of her other work because damn, the dame looks good in a suit.

And then maybe your eyelids finally feel heavy at 1:50 AM and typing takes too long between dozes and you drift off to sleep with a French lullaby courtesy of Marlene fresh in your mind.


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