Friday, January 22, 2010

Gold Stars for Jersey Gaga!

She was born in Jersey! Gaga, I knew there was a reason I felt you on a soul level! Stefani Joanne Agelina Germanotta may have been born and bred in New York, but The Lady Gaga was born in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Stefani pre-Gaga with Jersey native and music producer Rob Fusari. Click the pic to read the article.

Labor and delivery for the Gaga persona was provided by music producer Rob Fusari, who even gave the Lady her name. This excites me for many reasons, but mainly because I'm so over people hearing I'm from Jersey and immediately beginning to call my Snooki (I love you Shnickizz, but I aint you). Maybe now they'll think of Gaga instead. I'd rather that.

Ms. Gaga got some serious gold star words of praise in the review for her live New York shows in the Times yesterday and they linked to a past photo feature of her year in fashion. The pics made me fall a little more in love with her yet again. Ever since I saw her cry on Oprah about how much she loves her Little Monsters, I've been heartwarmed by her image whenever it pops up in pop culture.

I love with all of my heart that she is celebrating the freak in all of us, and she's not doing it in a way that leverages the outcasts for shock value alone.

She has a heart, a brain, and an endless creative drive, and a hell of a work ethic (did you see that video up there?). Jersey done something right! Go Gaga, go!

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