Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hey There, Big Boy.

The Fall Men's shows are here, and upon seeing a smattering of the coverage, I swooned a bit. Let me assure you, this is not a regular occurrence when viewing the parade of skinny andro pretty-as-any-long-haird-girl boys that usually sulk down the catwalk for big designers. In the past decade or so, the men's fashion scene has been devoid of testosterone, favoring instead girly men that could have passed for chicks any day of the week. They have their own beauty for sure, and their own demographic (the gay male designers who do them up, perhaps?) but they aren't so good for a girl's want-o-meter, ya know? If the runway at Dolce & Gabana is any indication, that seems to be changing and I'm happy.

Look at the bodies on those boys! I'm not usually a beefcake fan myself, but maybe there's a sea change happening because now I want me a hunk.

Fashion folks, where have you been hiding these fellas? Don't do that again, ok? Thanks.

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