Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bollywood Break.

When the going gets tough, the tough watch Bollywood. Well, at least I do. Something about the colors, the hypnotizing group dance moves, and the drum beats makes it almost damn near impossible for me to sustain a bad mood when a rousing Bollywood number is on. Here, you try it. Below is a clip of the Dola Re Dola dance number from Bollywood's biggest hit, Devdas. See if you can worry about anything at all when it's on:

It worked, didn't it? My friend Camilla's Dad played this on repeat nearly every time I was over her house--an Aishwarya a day keeps the blues away. Don't you love how decorated the women are? I want that. It's like they are pretty, human, musical instruments.If you want Indian Jewelry galore, here's your one-stop-shop. Jingle, jingle.

1 comment:

Camilla said...

I love it! I still know the first minute or so of the dance.