Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bound for New York.

I'm moving to the big city. I live right near it, and love it as if it were my own, but I've always been a Jersey Girl waiting for the day when "I live in New York." was not a statement of proxy, but rather a truism. It sounds cliche--little girl dreams of big city--but cliches exist because they are so often so true for so many. My New York envy runs deep and has always coincided with my love of fashion. I used to get dressed up to visit Miss New York. I'd put on my coolest clothes and actually do my hair to go hang out there and I'd watch as all the other city dwellers dressed up in their own ways; business suits with ties, stompy boots with rubber dresses, fur coats and too much blush, anything "it" and of the moment. New York is a fashion parade and a people watching paradise. I can't wait to fall asleep in my bed, hovering above its electric current of everything everywhere moving in every direction. I'm almost as excited as the two girls in this 1954 TWA film. Almost. I'm definitely jealous of their cute skirts and hair pin dos. You have to watch this.

Wasn't that special? Loves it.

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