Friday, January 08, 2010

Fashion Resolution.

My New Year's Fashion Resolution (everyone should have one!) is to only buy and wear things that I love, things that call my name. I want my wardrobe to sing to me, to make my heart jump, to make me feel expressed and in love and hot. I want my wardrobe to be filled with a curated collection of what makes me feel most like me; shoes that are shaped perfectly, tops that I could hang on my wall as art, pants I have a long way to go. My shopping M.O. has always been to buy things that make the most sense in my budget. The rubric for grading purchases has been more wallet-based than anything, and while I know that is important--a girl needs to eat--so is feeling good in my clothes. I've also always suffered from Fashion Phobic Fat Girl-itis which is marked by acute symptoms of self-criticism and the overriding thought that I should wait until I lose the weight and LOVE every inch of my body before I spend more than the minimum money on clothes. Well, I call an end to that bull shizz! I do love myself, body and all. It's an amazing feeling and I'm going to celebrate by raising the bar on what I let into my closet. (Somehow I'm hoping this sets a precedent for my love life to. I'm raising bars all around.) No more misfitting items just cuz they are on sale. No more boring colors because they are left in the pile of discounts. No more! No more! I will dress to express. I will shop to love. I will invest. I will spend time cultivating my personal style and I will honor that, not my miserly side. I will, damnit! And I'm going to start with purchasing things from a site that Donna K. sent my way. Have you guys heard of Need Supply Co.? It's filled with coolness for moderate prices. It's my new aesthetic in an online store. Love it. Above and below are some looks.

How badass is all of that gear? I apparently want to be a lil more crazy cool in the '10s too. I'm especially wanting that penknife necklace. I could open some serious mail with that thing.

Happy New Decade!

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Maize said...

I want clothes that make me look good in pictures, because "I don't trust mirrors, so I always take Polaroids" :-P

Awesome penknife. I'd definitely market that to people who are always faux-threatening to "cut a bit*h".