Thursday, January 28, 2010

Daddy and Daughter.

Yvan Rodic, the photog behind Facehunter, is a phenomenal talent. His personal photo diary is full of the most beautiful snapshots of places, parties, pretty girls, streetscapes, and some of life's less cool but more precious moments, like this adorable portrait of a dad and his little girl:

Awww, right? She's wearing his coat and carrying flowers as big as she is, and they are holding hands, and it's, well, it's just kind of perfect. You can call me sentimental, you can even say I'm cheesy; I don't care. I am. And, I often find myself wishing more people were. Consider this your daily encouragement to take note of the oh-so-sweetness all around you.

1 comment:

Rahul said...

No, that picture could melt anyone's heart, it's not cheesy!