Sunday, January 03, 2010

Do Good: One Mango Tree

Happy New Years, or should I say happy new you? It's a great time to start fresh, isn't it? The clean slate of early January is filled with a hope that doesn't quite diminish until, well, the second week of January. While there is still time I wanted to introduce a fresh feature on I Want To Wear It. It's called Do Good and it will be a portal to fashion related charities, fair trade shopping outposts, and general ways that you can get your style on and still give back. Why? Because karma is a bitch or a blessing and I'm going to get you on the right side of that "or". First up in the Do Good corner of this blog is the site One Mango Tree.

The ladies of One Mango Tree.

Founded by director Halle Butvin, the site has set out to better the lives of women in war-torn countries, especially particularly ravaged area of Uganda. They are currently doing this by empowering women to make and sell the crafts, jewelry, fabric items, bags, etc. that they are so skilled at creating and that there is such a demand for outside of their remote villages. To do this they handle the website, the operations set-up, the business side of things, and simply pay the women fairly for their creations. So, instead of buying oh-so-trendy Africana-esque accessories this season, buy the real deal and pay their makers more than pennies for their time and talent.

I really love the jewelry that is on offer through the site and a particularly presidential apron that would be perfect for baking official Obama bread in.

Remember that? Good times, 2009. Good times. All of the items above are priced from between $12 to $20, which makes them even more wonderful. This year make your wardrobe a reflection of who you want to be; fill it with beautiful items made fairly. Do good. Feel good. Look good. Happy New Year!

Click any image above to be directed to One Mango (except the Obama bread, that one's mine!).

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