Thursday, January 07, 2010

I Now Work At A Disco With Beth Ditto. Yes I do.

My coworker Graig and I have turned our humble office into a disco. How you might ask? It's easy with the addition of what I have now come to believe is an office supply necessity. Introducing the Desktop Discoball!

You know you want one.

All you do is hit the lights, push the lil button and watch the spectacle of silvery light spin. Now, you can't just have any music playing when this thing is going, you need to maestro the perfect soundtrack. May we suggest the soulful stylings of Ms. Beth Ditto, who has become out daily work party's star performer. She's so amazing. Not only is The Gossip's song "Heavy Cross" too good for words according to Graig, but Beth Ditto is one of my favorite fashion icons, so it all works out incredibly well. The Ditto's curvaceous figure is the least of her most amazing attributes, girl can belt it out and she's a singularly sensational role model for liberation of all kinds: aesthetic, sexual, body. It just doesn't end. Here she is in the song's glittering and golden video:

And, just in case you doubted the girl's for realness, check out this making of the video feature that highlights her greatness.

Don't you just love her? Party on, Beth. I'll see you at work in the morning.

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