Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuck and Roll.

Boys, if there is one thing you are definitely doing come Fall 2010, it's tucking your pants inside of your boots. Apparently the fashion industry doesn't care if you are wearing sweats, slacks, formal tux pants, or a onesie. It's all getting tucked into some kind of boot.

Tuckage on so many runways this season, including Thom Browne, Dolce & Gabana, and Burberry.

Some of this tucking I stand behind; some of it I definitely don't. It shall be up to you, brave men, to decide how you will rock the trend. But, since it's on nearly every single, solitary runway this season, you don't get to decide whether to tuck and roll, just how. My advice? You have to be a special kind of crazy to tuck your tux into boarding boots. Just saying.

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