Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Two Thoughts.

The Grammys are just about the trainwreckiest fashion spectacle in the world, bested only by maybe the VMAs? The CMAs? The Soap Opera Awards? I only have two thoughts worth sharing tonight:

1) Pink, stop hanging yourself from the ceiling.

I've seen you do this a lot. It's lost its impact, even if you were soaking wet this time. As a friend of my new roommate said, "People didn't come to the Grammy's all dressed up for you to drip on them."

2) Gaga! I can see your lips. And I'm not talking about the ones on your face! Holy cow.

Give me just, like, a quarter inch more fabric on each side and I won't be utterly distracted by your Lady parts. Plus, I'm concerned. Your minty green getup looks like it's cutting off circulation. You need circulation there. It's really important, especially for you as I believe that your magical powers emanate from your hooha.

Thanks. That's all.

PS: I moved today and am deliriously overtired. I blame this post on that. Don't judge me.

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Camilla said...

Ha! I couldn't have said it better.